Important Safety Information

E Liquid
E-liquid above 0mg/ml contains nicotine
Store in a cool dark place
Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for refilling device
Child resistant bottle caps, push down and unscrew to open

Keep out of the reach of children and pets
Not to be used by anyone under 18
Nicotine is Toxic
Danger – Harmful if swallowed
Toxic in contact with skin
If on skin – wash with plenty of soap and water water
Wash hands thoroughly after handling
Seek medical advice if you feel unwell (show the bottle or label if possible)
Stop using immediately if you feel any adverse effects

Electronic Cigarettes and Batteries
Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for use
Keep all e-cig and vape products away from children and pets
Only use coils compatible with your device
Do not overtighten screw threads as this can cause a short or other damage
Only charge batteries with the charger supplied with your device
Do not charge unattended or overnight
Aways place on a flat, non-conbustable surface while on charge
Use a Li-Po charging bag
Unplug when fully charged. Do not overcharge or over-discharge
Keep batteries in a plastic battery box when not use
Do not allow batteries and devices to come into contact with metal objects e.g. keys and coins
Do not use damaged leaking or dented batteries, do not use if battery wrap is torn
Do not use batteries above their AMP rating
Do not submerge in water
Do not expose to extreme high or low temperatures, do not leave in vehicles
Stop using your device or battery immediately if it overheats and dispose
Dispose of and recycle your used batteries safely in accordance with your country’s legislation
Batteries and cells require replacing every 3-6 months
Do not recommend the use of main plugs/adapters not supplied by Sweet Cloud