Stop Smoking

This is the year to make that lasting change

E-Cigarettes are now the most popular way to give up smoking and combined with using local Stop Smoking Services they have become the most effective way to stop smoking regular cigarettes long term.

A lot of people who smoke do so because they get enjoyment out of it and most people wish to stop smoking due to health concerns. Vaping (the term E Cigarette smokers use) offers the option of continuing to smoke by simply smoking something else. This gives them peace of mind whilst still enjoying a way of smoking and not having to worry about trying to go without any form of cigarette.

Lots of our Customers and Staff have tried other methods of quitting and found Vaping to be the one that really works for them. Some Vapers get absorbed into the Vaping culture and love the newest hardware and liquids and some Customers stick to one type and are content with that, it’s all down to personal choice.

Our Staff really understand how important quitting tobacco cigarettes can be, they’ve been there themselves. We regularly have Customers who tell us their amazing success stories, often going from 60 a day habits to only using E Cigarettes and being tobacco free for many years.

If you are thinking about quitting visit one of our stores and talk to our Staff, they are happy to explain how it works and show you exactly how to use and maintain a device. At Sweet Cloud we have tasting stations where free of charge you can try any of 200 plus flavours of E-Liquid we stock so you can be sure to find the right taste. Unusual for Vape shops we are happy for you to try out any of the hardware, we believe finding the right E-Cigarette for each individual person is key to success in stopping smoking long term.

Take the stress out of quitting, E Cigarettes are the enjoyable way to move on from tobacco.

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For extra support and motivation join in with this years Stoptober



Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 17.10.24If you live in Hampshire and want to try E-Cigarettes the local stop smoking service Quit4life have launched a voucher scheme which we are participating in. To get involved  you need to contact Quit4life directly 01252 335 120 or