Riot QBar - Menthol Ice

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Riot Labs new disposable vape, is the simplest of all the vapes. It’s pre-filled with tasty ejuice to get you vaping instantly. Once you’ve vaped it all, simply pop it into your local battery recycling point or bring back to us in-store for the sustainable approach to disposables.

This 'all-in-one' puff bar is generally thought to be the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. 

Menthol Ice is Riots pure icy menthol vape and is available in 0mg, 10mg & 20mg

Riot says.. "The new QBAR by Riot is the world’s first carbon negative disposable e-cigarette that is fully recyclable, made from bioplastics (75% less carbon-intensive and no fossil fuels) with all parts of the device recycled separately including battery, casing and mouthpiece."