New Regulations

On the 20th May 2017 new regulations came into effect that change the way vape products are sold.

In the UK tanks for e cigarettes must not be bigger than 2mls. You can still use your current one but you will no longer be able to buy replacement tanks in larger sizes. E cigarettes and Mods have now been produced with the new sizing.

Restrictions have also been made to e-liquids, the maxim strength of nicotine is now 20mg. Bottle sizing has also been regulated and now come in a maximum of 10mls.

You should also expect to see instructions and warnings on the packaging of products.

Each individual e cig product must be Notified meaning they must be tested and registered in the UK.

Here at Sweet Cloud we are well prepared, a lot of our existing e-liquids and devices have been notified and we have put a huge amount of work into sourcing new hardware and liquids that are compliant.

We no longer stock items that are not in line with the regulations. We understand for some customers this may be disappointing but we are bound by law to adhere to the changes. The world of vaping is always developing and moving forward which is one of the things that we find exciting and new technology and flavours are never a bad thing!

If you have any further questions about how the TPD and regulations will affect you please pop in store and our staff will talk you through it.

The vape continues!